Les Paul / Figured Flame Maple

Some things about (figured) maple

Flame Maple Guitar Top - Bookmatched 5A master F28

Flame Maple is also known as Fiddleback Maple and Tiger Maple exhibits a unique depth that sets it apart from other figured woods; its waves are more dense and turn from dark to light and undertake sharp bends that cause natural view distortion. It makes the tree look alive when it is moved or looking at a slightly different angle due to the difference in the reflection of light or refractory caused by straps (this causes natural illusion in the eye). Curly Maple is considered one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world and is sought after by its wood fans around the world. Considering the time and effort that is going to highly regarded instrument that will last for a lifetime, it is often costly to purchase the best materials for your business and you will not be wrong if you choose flame maple as the wood of choice for those special projects.

Quilted Maple: hard to find (at least here in Europe). A sample of darker and lighter irregularities of different size leaves the impression of a wavy surface. Because of this, it is often used for the top panel, rarely for solidbody.

Spalted Maple: The characteristic shavings that have this type of maple are actually a product of decomposing ie wood trimmings and dark lines are a product of fungi attacking wood. This wood is quite soft and is used exclusively for a thin laminated top plate on flat tops with binding. This type of maple is difficult to finish because it absorbs a lot of finish and it is not recommended to diy finish this type of wood. Each single piece of spalted maple is special and looks great with the tobacco burst finish.

Birdseye Maple: It comes in hardwood and is therefore very grateful for the design of the neck. Characteristic rounded tails do not go deep into the tree so it is not used for body solidbody but is very good for the neck, fingerboard and upper surface. It gives as well as most other types of maple a very bright tone with clear and clean highs.

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